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Electrical Motor Motor type AMD 355

Electrical Motor Motor type AMD 355 L2 RVACgM

Electric motor only for centrifugal pumps  --

S.N.: 8110000882.01/1 and 8110000882.01/2

u00b7                 Type Code                 AMD 355 L2 RVACgM

u00b7                 Type Code                 Ex de II C T3 (IEC 60079-1)

u00b7                 Rated output              250 KW

u00b7                 Voltage                       6.000 V +/-5%

u00b7                 Frequency                 50 Hz   +/-2%

u00b7                 Speed                        2977 rpm

u00b7                 Current                      28 A

u00b7                 Power factory            0,90 (Load 100%)

u00b7                 Connection                STAR

u00b7                 Direction of rotation: C.C.W.

Country of Manufacturer Italy
Country of Pickup Italy
Currency Eur
Price Unit EACH
Condition New
Quantity Available 2
Weight (Kg) N/D
Size (LxAxP) N/D
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