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Ventilation Fan for Acoustic Enclosure

Ventilation Fan for Acoustic Enclosure

u00b7         RUNNING TEST: this test was performed following the supplier Internal procedure; the parameters recorded were:

o        Applied voltage:                 415 V

o        Amper absorbed:               178 A (required max 180 KW)

o        Frequency:                        50 Hz

o        Power consumption:          110 KW

o        Speed measured:               1487 (motor) u2013 1492 (Fan)

o        Vibration:                          less that 2,5 mm/s


o        The check was done following client Internal procedure and BOLDROCCHI drawings: FANS wound in compliance with that drawings

u00b7         PAINTING CHECK:

o        Painting was checked using supplier Spec nu00b0 80681 rev0: medium thikness found was 200 microns (min Value requested = 175 microns)

o        Colour check:ral 6011

u00b7         CLEANESS CHECK

o        Test not done: supplier will clean the FANS before the shipment

Country of Manufacturer Italy
Country of Pickup Italy
Currency Eur
Price Unit EACH
Condition New
Quantity Available 3
Weight (Kg) N/D
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